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DOT Physicals

The Department of transportation strictly requires that all commercial drivers pass the DOT Health Exam in order to obtain a commercial driver license. This test is to check the applicant’s health and fitness to maintain driving safely immediately and in the future. The exam must be taken in 24 months time to pass the exams. Since it can be hard to understand the requirements, we will show you how:

To obtain a commercial driver license (CDL) in Texas, these conditions must be met:

• Must be 18 years and above
• Must submit your proof of residency like the current drivers license you have
• Have your Social Security Number ready along with your personal contact information
• Bring two forms of identification and submit it to your recommended appointment
• You must pass the medical requirements and present a valid Medical Exam Card
• You must pass all related and required tests
• You must pay the required fees.

It is mandatory that you pass the Department of Transportation (DOT) CDL physical Exam in order to qualify for a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Your physical fitness and health is crucial as you apply to operate a commercial vehicle.

Below are the physical requirements as defined by the US Department of Transportation:

• You must have a 20/40 correctable vision to both eyes. Glasses and contact lenses are allowed to correct a driver’s eyes.
• You must not be a diabetic with injected insulin dependency. Diabetes medication through oral or weight management is permitted. Blood sugar may not be higher than 200.
• Use of narcotic addictive drug is prohibited. (e.g., Schedule 1 drug, ampethamine, etc.)
• Ability to determine and differentiate color is a must.
• Hearing needs to be good enough to hear a forced whisper at a distance of five feet.
• Your blood pressure must be lower than 160/100. Medication to control blood pressure is allowed.

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